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Francis Gardening Services

15 - May - 2015

We are your local garden maintenance company, no job too small, offer very competitive rates.


Our Services


Garden Services in Dorking

Lawn mowing, strimming, hedge-trimming, pruning, general regular maintenance, as well as design and general advice.

An Area I am in the process of developing further is the garden design side of the business. Having previously been a graphic designer, I have good visualising and drafting skills. I have subsequently been able to put these skills to good use in garden design when combined with the experience and knowledge I have acquired in gardening.

My approach to garden design is quite traditional, with an emphasis on the planting and the use of natural lines. While there is a place for hard landscape features, I prefer to view from their functional perspective, and how they will fit into the overall layout, rather than dominating a garden.

I can provide a competitive service, being able to accurately survey a garden and then draw up a plan. This plan will give an accurate general outline of borders and other features, indicating key plants but without going into too much unnecessary detail for individual plants, which can be discussed if a client likes and generally approves the overall concept. This helps keep the cost down.

I do not provide a hard landscaping service, so once a client has approved the finished design, I will leave a copy of the plan with them so they can investigate contractors for constructing any features such as patios and pathways. I can however, provide a service to plant up the garden once any hard landscaping has been completed.

I provide all the basic tools and mechanical equipment such as mower, strimmer and hedge-trimmer.


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